Mystery & Bath Bomb Seconds Box Value $120 +
Hemp Moon

Mystery & Bath Bomb Seconds Box Value $120 +

Regular price $60.00 $0.00 Unit price per

I have 15 Seconds boxes

They will be 60 shipped each ($ free shipping applied in the form of a $9 discount for these at the checkout)

They will have 7 bath bombs and 2 regular items that are mystery items (the bombs are either first quality but then yellowed with time because of the vanilla content, or second quality which means they were either the wrong scent or humidity made them bubbly) they all still work how they should.

There are some other mothers, some trick or treating ghosts, some Charlie browns, some zero bombs. All kinds of goodness.

I will link you all.

When they are gone they are gone. The value of these boxes will be at least $120 each