Magickal Magnesium CBD Body Spray
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Magickal Magnesium CBD Body Spray

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🌙Magnesium Infused

🌙Cbd infused

Our magnesium body spray isn’t just any old body spray. It helps to smell good  with extra infusion of hemp pain relieving oils helps you to help your body feel its best while the magnesium supplements your bodies natural stores of the mineral

Studies readily available on the internet show how the lack of magnesium in our diets contribute to the chronic illnesses and pain a lot of the general public suffer from 

Good thing magnesium is easily absorbed  into our bodies by topical sprays 

Perfect for minor aches and pains as well as more chronic pain with the added benefit of magnesium and other inflammation reducing properties  

Comes packaged in a 2 oz glass bottle, the bottle itself is a thick high quality bottle that is easily thrown into your laptop bag or car or however you tote  necessities of life. 

Magnesium can clog the spray top at times 
if yours has done this                                           Here’s some trouble shooting tips 

Sometimes the straw gets clogged -Try taking it out, snipping the bottom off at an angle and then ensuring it’s “open” at the bottom. 

Run hot water over the holes where it should spray. Dry, wiping over the holes in the sprayer roughly and reinsert into bottle. 
If that doesn’t help, contact me for a new spray top