Halloween  Three Times Body Cream 4oz 3x strength
Halloween  Three Times Body Cream 4oz 3x strength
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Halloween Three Times Body Cream 4oz 3x strength

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 Just the proprietary oil times 3 for triple Infusion. The very first triple strength cream to take our minds off today. Body Creams with Therapy in the title contain menthol. Menthol is extracted  the peppermint plant and it has a cooling effect that is also anti inflammatory.

Alice Three Times Halloween 4oz Cream- scented in Hot Apple Pie and Fire Roasted Marshmallow almost as good as your mother's with green apple, freshly shaved cinnamon, nutmeg and warm brown sugar and Vanillary-layered vanilla fragrance with notes of blushed peony, ginger root, sandalwood, tonka bean, white lily and sugar crystals with just roasted over the campfire 🔥 marshmallows 

Ellery Finches Spooky 👻 Adventure 4oz cream - Alice’s triple Strength friend and partner Ellery Finch, a soothing blend of coconut cream pie and mango sorbet, with The addition of fruity pebbles and captain crunch 

Charlie Hall Therapy Cream- she is the sweet scent of soft poached peaches, fresh pear slices, sweet, whipped vanilla and a sprinkle of candied praline and crunchy sugar cone on top ( autumn brunch)with menthol added.

Gloamist Therapy Cream- flannel shirts, creamy, steamy lattes that dance with rich pumpkin butter, festive pumpkin pie spice, sweet vanilla bean, honeyed graham cracker and gooey marshmallow toasted over smoked woods ( pumpkin pretzel latte)with menthol added.

Ingredients: water, emulsifying wax, stearic acid, acetyl alcohol, avocado oil, hemp oil, apricot oil,rose hip, glycerin,mango butter, Shea butter, xanthan gum, vitamin e, proprietary oil