Salve that rubs on and sinks into your skin with direct contact to the areas that are hurting.
Hemp Moon

5x Therapy CBD Salves

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Our Therapy Salve, but add 5x more menthol for extra cooling.  Handcrafted in small batches, with ethically sourced ingredients- these salves are easy to keep around for when you need them most.

Price is for 1 salve that is 2oz

Below are

Viserion 5x Salve (peppermint and fire roasted marshmallows)

The Spinner 5x Salve (banana custard and coconut custard)I had to throw some #bookish in there with the #hazelwood #thehazelwood reference

Harvest Moon 5x Salve(white sage lavender) yessss. 

and our newest scent 

Pomegranate Vanilla 5x Salve