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Master Scent List


Fall Scents 🍁

Voodoo Queen -Butter pecan and buttercream frosting and angel food cake

Coven -A very exotic fragrance oil with Rose, Jasmine, Lily and Sandalwood and long lasting, musky, amber, earthy bottom notes

King of Elfhame -Wonderful clove, vetiver, vanilla and exotic spices will awaken your senses

Green Moon 🌙 -Lime Basil Mandarin our moon infused august scent for the sturgeon moon

Cursed- pink sugar vanilla milk

Twilight -Notes of lavender, ylang-ylang and tonka bean mingle in our Nightfall fragrance oil to create something sexy and relaxing at the same time. This scent has an earthy, floral smell that is very sultry. Compare to Lush® brand Twilight

Iced Pineapples
“You’re Welcome” Bomb
-Iced Pineapples- the aroma of ripened fresh cut pineapples with an ozony green top note

Witcher Scents-
Hmm- strawberry coconut and fresh air

Toss a Coin To Your Witcher- white musk patchouli and peaches

Betrayer Moon- lavender sandalwood and fruit loops

The Witcher- fireside marshmallow juniper birch

Yen- gooseberries and juniper

The Butcher of Blaviken- cedar, Amber, coconut milk

The White Wolf-peppermint and smoked vanilla

The Djin- smoked vanilla and pineapple

Drops of ☔️ Rain A fresh floral fragrance as drops of rain land
of a field of jasmine with a hint of grass.

Sweets reload and Beetles :
As if- strawberry cotton candy bubblegum

Key lime colada- a tropical mix of key lime pie and creamy pina coladas

Wildberry Cheesecake- sugary sweet and tart berries folded into a homemade cheesecake

Spearmint sugar cookies- crisp icy spearmint paired with soft fluffy sugar cookies

Summer '18-
Piles of fresh picked strawberries, mango sorbet and coconut cream.

Wait, what? - strawberry mint marshmallow

3 little birds- rainbow sherbet & cotton candy
Pineapple Express- pineapple birthday cake

Revolution- coconut cream pie & marshmallows

Hey Jude- lemon pound cake coconut cream pie

Hello, goodbye- peppermint cotton candy candy cane

Here comes the sun- lemon poundcake zucchini bread

Phoenix- satsuma, whipped cream, orange dreamsicle

Waikiki beach coconut

1964- Lavender sugar cookie, earl grey tea


Lemon twinkies

pistachio macaron

raspberry peach Macaron 

sugar cookies

sugar cookie mallow

peach creme brûlée 

wild berry mousse

strawnerry nilla wafers

strawberry Shortcake

wildberry mousse nilla wafers Noel 

blackberry jam butter cookie 


Cinco de mayo scents: 

Key lime colada

Strawberry daiquiri

Strawberry Creme brûlée

Coco- raspberry sauce & Mexican fried ice cream

De La Cruz- tobacco & bay leaf

Mama Imelda - sweet sangria

Miguel-tres leches cake & mango sorbet

Hector- Salty Sea Air & Ocean breeze

Mama- aveda shampure type

**CLEAN: Masculine, Feminine and Neutral

Ron- leaves and vanillery
Hermione- sweater weather and raspberry jam
Snape- blue sugar and Lord of Misrule
Voldemort-pink sugar. Lord of Misrule. Marshmallow fireside
Dobby- freshly washed laundry, lemon poundcake
Pink Chiffon (BBW)
Winter Candy Apple (BBW)
Warm Vanilla Sugar (BBW)
Barbershop 1920's
Sweater Weather
Gravitron- Blue Sugar, Marshmallow Fireside
Black Hole- Pink sugared minty vanilla bean Noel
Blue man- blue sugar aqualina dupe with tonka and patchouli and orange
Galactic Halo- Minty VBN
House Greyjoy - rainwater and mint
House Targaryan - sea mist and mint
Pink sugar toasted mallow
Super Sleepy- pink sugar and johnsons bedtime bath
Supernova- Pink sugar peppermint
Viserion - peppermint marshmallow fireside
Wintergreen cotton candy
Wintergreen mallows
Hook: barbershop 1920s and pink sugar
Rumplestiltskin: North Pole and blue sugar
Wintergreen and marshmallows
Snow White: Mac Apple and fire toasted marshmallow
Zelena: sea salt, carnival cotton candy and orchids


Orange Blossom
Rose Jam


Harry- butterbeer and fresh baked rolls
Dumbledore- sherbet, lemon meringue and vanilla smoothie
Brandi's Holiday Cake- pistachio pudding cake/sugar cookie/toasted mallow
Happy Christmas Harry- Butterbeer,sugar cookie, mallow , fresh baked bread
Bellatrix Christmas- pink sugar, crunchberry, toasted mallow zucchini bread
Santa's Midnight Snack- sweet lavender, sugar cookie, candy cane frosting
Hot Cocoa and toasted mallows
Zucchini Bread
Sugar Cookie
Candy Cane
Toasted Marshmallows
Tilt a whirl- strawberry jam, whipped cream, funnel cakes
Weekend Flow- fruit loops, buttercream and ice cream scoop bread
Ferris Wheel- apple cider, cinnamon sugared donuts and whipped cream
Arizona State Fair- cotton candy, kettle corn, caramel apples
House of Mirrors- Blueberry Sugar Cookies
The Zipper- Black Cherry Funnel Cakes
Roller Coasters- candy corn, sugar cookies. Mallow
Blueberry donut- blueberries and sugared donuts with a sticky glaze
Caramel butterscotch bourbon
Fruity pebble mallow cake
Fruity pebble cake batter ice cream
Confetti cake buttercream- confetti cake and strawberry jam with buttercream icing
Dumbledore- rainbow sherbet/lemon meringue / vanilla smoothie
Knave of hearts- zucchini bread and blueberry scones
Lemon Twinkies- lemon cake and marshmallows and cream
Mac Apple Donut- macintosh apples and sugary glazed donuts
Peach creme brûlée
Pistachio macaron
Sunshine cakes - lemon poundcake
Sunshine cakes & Cookies - lemon poundcake and sugar cookie royal
Spearmint confetti cake
Raspberry peach Macaron
Raspberry sauce, lemon curd, pistachio pudding cake
Red queen- blue sugar, butter pecan and berrylicious
Emma swan : bite me and Mexican friend ice cream
Granny's diner: banana cream pie, vanilla bean Noel and zucchini bread


Bellatrix- pink sugar, crunch berries and marshmallows
Luna lovegood- coconut cream pie and raspberry jam
Sally's Christmas Party Punch- fizzy cranberry fruit punch
Cotton Candy /Strawberry Jam
Black cherry buttercream
Black cherry cotton candy
Black cherry mallow
Cereal killer- crunch berries , fruit loops and fruity pebbles
Colada mallow fluff- pina colada toasted marshmallow
Mad hatter - grape fizzy soda and vanillery
Salt water taffy
Waffle love- strawberry jam/mango sorbet/vanilla waffle cone
Weekend flow- fruit loops ice cream scoop bread
Charming: blueberry cucumber mint
Let's add
Charley - ice cream scoop bread/bubble gum/ fizzy pop/bite me
Raspberry lemon poundcake - raspberry sauce: lemon meringue and poundcake
Vanilla raspberry lemon poundcake - raspberry sauce/vanilla custard/ lemon meringue and poundcake


Lavender Vanilla
Sandalwood and Suede
Andromeda- Pink sugar lavender vanilla mallow
Avobath - green citrus / lemongrass/ light musk
Coraline - warm vanilla sugar, peppermint , lavender, toasted mallows
Corpse Bride- amber noir and toasted marshmallows
Cranberry woods- cranberries , greenery, pine, woods
House Lannister- lavender vanilla mint
House Martell- Amber and mint
King of the north - peppermint eucalyptus
Milky Way- lavender vanilla toasted mallow
Sex bomb -jasmine, clary sage, ylang ylang and musk
Rosemary mint
Sinus relief
Enchanted forest- marshmallow and eucalyptus spearmint
Queen Regina- cranberry woods and fresh marshmallow
The Darkling- Black raspberry vanilla patchouli

 Monsters Inc  

2319 is bubblegum cotton candy birthday cake

Boo is booberry cereal & toasted mallows. If you love cereal scents, this is for you

Number one- blueberry sparkling mojito

Randall Boggs - sour patch candy

Mike wazowski- pistachio pudding cake & raspberry sauce

Sully- clean laundry & lavender vanilla



Queen Frostine- wintergreen, cotton candy and strawberry raspberry guava