Hunters Moon Oatmeal Body Cream 8oz jar (with pain relief)
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Hunters Moon Oatmeal Body Cream 8oz jar (with pain relief)

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This is our strongest cream next to the therapy cream, so if you don’t like the coolness of the therapy cream but want superior pain relief then this is for you

Hunters Moon - a thick, rich and moisturizing infused body cream that is scented in Strawberries & Apples and topped with moonstone.  With the onset of the Hunters Moon, we should look to embrace growth and let go of what no longer serves us. At this full moon, I look to balance my life and use my meditations to bring myself inner peace. This time of year starts the chaos of the holiday season that makes my soul feel hectic and unsettled, as I am sure so many people feel. It is especially important to embrace a slower pace right now, breathe and settle into a more melodic pace. 
It’s a good time to take back your power, and stand up for yourself and that doesn’t always mean in confrontations. It can be as simple as setting boundaries and giving yourself that extra grace. This month I am going to infuse things with calendula, and marigolds. I will use my moonstones and set intentions for the holiday season. I will enter the next phase more rested and hopefully with a better sense of grounded self. 


Made in small batches with colloidal oatmeal, mango butter , shea butter, vitamin e, hemp oil, avocado oil and our proprietary pain relief blend. 

Please do not use if you have a gluten allergy, or celiac disease as we cannot guarantee the oats aren’t a danger to you. 

Perfect for eczema and psoriasis. I never leave home without a jar of this in my bag. 

Water, stearic acid, Cetyl alcohol Emulsifying wax, hemp oil, avocado oil,mango butter, xanthan gum, glycerine, vitamin e, Shea butter,  and fragrance  colloidal oatmeal  and preservative with proprietary oil blend