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Basic Witches



It’s 11:10 pm and here I am thinking I need to write a blog. And then I realized I don’t have a blog. And then I realized I wanted to share pictures of my newly hatched baby chicken but also wanted to link the blog to southwest but also just want to be able to talk about coffee and peppermint plants and planting flowers and  the damn struggle that it was to pick a place to grab food from tonight because I watched baby chick in the incubator too long and didn’t plan dinner. 

So I guess that’s what this is.  This blog will be like my ever moving mind, a little here and there and definitely a bit crunchy and hippy and a bit pretty and fantastic and witchy.  Or  bitchy. 

Because I’m all of that and this is just a place to share the behind scenes of this life. 

So wish me luck that I remember to write in this blog, and follow me as we go!

I will leave you with a picture of Jude, my several hour old #chiquitachick (do hashtags work in blogs?)